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Book and ebook available

  • For children aged around 8-12.
  • Parents, a great addition to your child’s toolbox.
  • Teachers and School Counsellors, use with your class or individual students.

An easy to read, engaging, jam packed little book of top resilience building tips and skills for children (and adults!).

Emotional ups and downs are normal. Some days life is just tough!

No matter how old or young, you can take steps to handle these times.

Learn how to recognise and tolerate uncomfortable or difficult emotions as signals to take action. Use failure and disappointment as stepping stones towards achievement. Seek support when times are tough.

Cost: $15 (postage included for up to 2 copies) – Resilient Kids Book Order here

Ebook (compatible with iBooks and Kindle Fire)

Cost: $9.99 plus GST via Blurb website –  Ebook order here via Blurb website

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