I’m Pregnant – What are my choices?

Single Parenting?  – Abortion? – Adoption? – Marriage to the baby’s father?

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, it’s important to make an informed decision about the options available to you. You need to consider your thoughts, feelings and reactions about each of these options. Take some ‘me time’ and use the guide below to help you quietly think through your situation.

You may also wish to seek counselling from someone who is not emotionally involved. Open Doors counsellors are trained to support you both before and after you make your decision.  Phone or go to our Contact Form to get in touch.

How Do I Feel about …

Step 1. Write down each of these headings across a sheet of paper – Single Parenting, Abortion, Adoption, Marriage to the baby’s father. 

Step 2. Under each heading, write down your responses to the questions below.

Step 3. Compare your responses.

Questions to Consider –

– How am I feeling right now about each option?

– What is my greatest fear about each option?

– What are, or might be, the responses of:

  • the baby’s father to each option?
  • my parents?
  • my older children?
  • my friends?
  • my employer?
  • my school?

– What are my supports in each case?

– How do I feel about each option?

– How might I cope with each choice:

  • emotionally?
  • mentally?
  • physically?
  • spiritually?

– What might be the practical aspects of each decision:

  • work?
  • financial?
  • social?
  • future goals?

– How do you think you may feel about each choice in the future?

– What is good about being pregnant?

– What is not good about being pregnant?

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