Educational CD-ROM Program: Resilient Kids SCHOOL PACK

Resilient Kids

  • An interactive CD-ROM based program for Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Teaching optimism, coping skills & personal mastery
  • Helping immunise young people against depression

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Primary – Teacher’s Guide and CD-ROM
Secondary – Teacher’s Guide and CD-ROM

Key Objectives of Resilient Kids

  • To reduce the incidence of suicide in the young through teaching primary prevention strategies.
  • Teaching children how to evaluate their automatic thoughts and to re-look at failures or set-backs as challenges to be reacted to with activity and hope.
  • Teaching parents how to help their children achieve self-esteem through personal mastery.
  • Creating a sense of belonging through parents and school working together for the child’s well being.
  • Equip the older teenager with ideas and skills for managing the transition from adolescence to adulthood and handling typical stress situations.
  • To take a serious problem and make it easy to communicate and fun to learn through interactivity.

The Resilient Kids Program combines traditional classroom practice with  interactive educational medium of CD-ROM in order to maximise learning outcomes through:

  • teacher-led class discussion and student worksheets
  • complementary interactive computer-based activities for individuals or groups. The colour, movement and sound of the CD-ROM take students of all reading abilities through the stories and activities, which consolidate the key learning concepts introduced by the teacher, including:
    • identifying and understanding feelings
    • re-framing our automatic thoughts
    • de-catastrophising by seeing bad events as temporary and specific rather than permanent and global
    • developing social and problem solving skills

Both Primary and Secondary programs include a complete set of teaching notes reproduced in full colour which provide detailed guides for classroom discussion, activities, student worksheets and parent/child activities. These can be photocopied if required. These notes can also be found on each CD in PDF format, which allows teachers to print relevant sections in colour or black and white on demand.

  • Where computer facilities are not readily available, the Teaching Notes provide a complete stand alone program.

Why Resilient Kids?

Resilient Kids takes a Primary Prevention approach to preventing the development of predisposing problems that could place people at risk of suicide or suicidal behaviour.

The first National Stocktake of Youth Suicide Prevention Activities conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies recommended that Primary Schools are an ideal setting for Primary Prevention.

Martin E. P Seligman, Ph.D., one of the world’s experts on motivation, has drawn on a long-term research program in America – the Penn Depression Prevention Project, which has been clinically proven to halve the risk of depression in children (M. Seligman, 1995, The Optimistic Child. He presents the idea of “psychological immunisation” against depression, through teaching cognitive and behavioural techniques that instil a sense of optimism and personal mastery. Children can be taught to see that there are many contributing causes to any problem and to take responsibility for what they have contributed to the problem, without blaming themselves for things out of their control. He emphasises that self-esteem develops through action – mastery, persistence, overcoming frustration and boredom and meeting challenges.

Resilient Kids bring these strategies to life.

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