Resilience Building

Resilient Kids (Prim. and Sec.)

Immunise young people against depression by building their capacity to bounce back when times are tough.  For whole class, small group and one-on-one. An interactive CD-ROM based resource for primary and secondary.

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The optimistic child – keys to resilience training

"As with immunisation against physical disease, there is an understanding that the disease of depression can be prevented through encouraging a sense of optimism and personal mastery." Review of Martin Seligman’s theory of psychological immunisation. Self-esteem as a by-product of action. Optimistic thinking. Ways of handling failure.

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Harm minimisation – strategy or goal?

“One of the fundamental weaknesses of this strategy is that it is divorced from the underlying values that may prompt behaviour change.” Origins of Harm Minimisation concept. Its use as a treatment approach for drug users. Limitations in school settings.

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