Resilient Kids Book – Parent/School resource

Resilient Kids BOOK

  • For children aged around 8-12.
  • Parents, a great addition to your child’s toolbox.
  • Teachers and School Counsellors, use with your class or individual students.

An easy to read, engaging, jam packed little book of top resilience building tips and skills for children (and adults!).

Emotional ups and downs are normal. Some days life is just tough!

No matter how old or young, you can take steps to handle these times.

Learn how to recognise and tolerate uncomfortable or difficult emotions as signals to take action. Use failure and disappointment as stepping stones towards achievement. Seek support when times are tough.

Cost: $15 (postage included for up to 2 copies) – Resilient Kids Book Order here

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Presentation Programs in Schools – value based sex education

Sessions available for Primary Schools in the Melb metro area. Regional schools by arrangement. Online options available.

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The optimistic child – keys to resilience training

"As with immunisation against physical disease, there is an understanding that the disease of depression can be prevented through encouraging a sense of optimism and personal mastery." Review of Martin Seligman’s theory of psychological immunisation. Self-esteem as a by-product of action. Optimistic thinking. Ways of handling failure.

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Preach or teach? What is value based sex education?

“Value-neutral sexuality education, which in practice is not neutral at all, conveys hidden values about expected sexual behaviour and attitudes and so feeds the adolescent’s fears about being abnormal.” [Comparison of value-based and value-neutral approaches. History of value-neutral education. Adolescents and values. Adolescent sexual activity. Associated risks. Efficacy of ‘safe sex’ practices. Harm minimisation. Implications for sex education.]

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Emotional and psychological effects of Miscarriage

“Because many do not anticipate or understand the grief response associated with a pregnancy loss, they may feel as if they are going mad when their emotions catch up with them.” Types of Pregnancy loss. Impact of early pregnancy loss on mothers, fathers, relationships. Complicated grief. Creating rituals and memories. Implications for hospital staff and counsellors. Case examples.

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After the abortion

“It is not unusual for the woman to find herself restless, agitated and grieving around the anniversary date of the abortion, and also around what would have been the baby’s birthday.” Impact of crisis pregnancy on decision-making ability. Coping mechanisms after abortion. Post abortion symptoms. High risk factors for post abortion trauma. Anniversary grief. Men and abortion. Replacing the loss. Factors underlying crisis pregnancy. Recommendations. Case examples.

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Genetic Counselling In Pregnancy

“A client’s quick decision to terminate may actually reflect an attitude of hopelessness on the part of the doctor or counsellor.” Psychological implications of pregnancy. Reactions to pre-natal testing and unfavourable diagnosis. Termination: factors in decision making. The role of the counsellor. Post abortion counselling. Case examples.

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Men and pregnancy loss

“It is important that the male finds an outlet for his grief - talking about the experience helps make it seem more real and provides a release from the anguish, fear, anger and the disappointment that is often involved in pregnancy loss.” Emotional reactions to loss. Bonding to the unborn child. Neglected grief. Case examples.

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Teen pregnancy – Real Causes, Real Solutions

“Unwanted pregnancies, the beginnings of sexual relationships in unsafe settings and other difficulties experienced by vulnerable teenagers often do not occur randomly but in the context of a background that leaves them prone to some misfortune.” Unconscious factors underlying crisis pregnancy: depression, replacing a loss, deprivation and hostility in childhood, uncertain femininity, self-punishment. Case studies.

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