Loss, Grief & Depression

‘Loving and Remembering’ – remembrance service

A non-denominational service for comfort... healing... and peace in memory of your child lost during pregnancy - for any reason.

"I lost a child about three years ago but I had never grieved. I didn’t know how."

Arranged by Open Doors Counselling Phone: (03) 9870 7044 or Freecall (outside Melbourne) 1800 647 995

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Not perfectly formed

“The next few weeks were spent in complete turmoil - desperately trying to find out precisely what was wrong with our unborn baby.”

The story of a couple who went through termination following an unfavourable ultrasound scan of their baby at 14 weeks. The husband, a doctor who performs scans as part of his work as a radiologist, writes about their experience, their unexpected grief reaction following the termination, and his views on the best ways that the medical profession can support people in these situations. A true story.    

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A Journey Through Abortion

"So I hurtled towards abortion with my mind and body in turmoil, hoping that when it was all over I would wake up and discover that the whole thing had just been a bad dream."

A highly personal and in-depth account of one woman’s experience.  A true story.

The experience of abortion drove me to the edge of my sanity and left me hanging on by a fingernail. The road since then has been long and hard. I became pregnant in the early (and, as it would eventuate, the latter) stages of a relationship. We were only together for about 3 months.  I met James at a party and we embarked on a fairly intense relationship, spending a lot of time together and talking of plans for the coming months - plans as a couple. He seemed genuine and sincere, though retrospectively, I can see that he wasn’t entirely honest and was less than caring in some of his actions.

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