Resilient Kids Book – Parent/School resource

Resilient Kids BOOK

  • For children aged around 8-12.
  • Parents, a great addition to your child’s toolbox.
  • Teachers and School Counsellors, use with your class or individual students.

An easy to read, engaging, jam packed little book of top resilience building tips and skills for children (and adults!).

Emotional ups and downs are normal. Some days life is just tough!

No matter how old or young, you can take steps to handle these times.

Learn how to recognise and tolerate uncomfortable or difficult emotions as signals to take action. Use failure and disappointment as stepping stones towards achievement. Seek support when times are tough.

Cost: $15 (postage included for up to 2 copies) – Resilient Kids Book Order here

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Wonder of Living, 2019 video series

New in 2019.  Supplied on USB - a 3 part video series plus comprehensive Teacher's Manual on pdf ready to print and go.  Focuses on the needs of children ... supports and empowers parents ... takes a family focus ... presents values for life!

Wonder of Living  is a sexuality education package for Levels 3-6 that delivers age appropriate information in an uncompromising context of 'best health values' for young children and teenagers.

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Wonder Of Living 2019

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Wonder of Living BOOK – Parent resource

THE WONDER OF LIVING BOOK, a guide to growing up.

For children aged around 8-12.

For parent and child to read together or separately.

Chapters cover the development & birth of a baby, the amazing human body, how a baby starts, puberty and handling teen issues such as body perfection, the selfie culture and cyber safety.

Cost: $20. (postage included)

Wonder Of Living BOOK order here

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Memory Boxes

In memory of your lost child...

For mums or couples grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage, termination, IVF losses, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth…or other loss. A small box containing a set of tiny knitted garments - jacket, bootees and hat. Comes with a little booklet for you to write down any thoughts about your baby.

Memory Box Order Form (click here)

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Minister/Celebrant’s Kit for remembrance service

"Loving and Remembering" - a service for pregnancy loss

A resource for members of the clergy or a lay person wishing to arrange a private remembrance service for a child lost during pregnancy, due to miscarriage, termination, IVF losses, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth.  Based on the order of service created for the "Loving and Remembering" services arranged by Open Doors.

Minister/Celebrant's Kit Order Form (click here)

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