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News from Open Doors – Sept 2020

Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne have prevented us from seeing any face to face clients for some weeks now but our staff and volunteers are still working hard on the phone and online to provide the best possible outcomes for all who contact us for help. Most weeks we average 8-10 new clients. Occasionally we will refer a client on to a different service for help with a specific issue, otherwise a counsellor is assigned the same day.

We continue to respond to many requests for couples counselling, some involving pregnancy and/or pregnancy loss, but all showing how vulnerable relationships and families can become when external stresses increase. Whatever we can do to strengthen a couple’s ability to communicate well and better care for each other is going to flow into benefits for pregnancy decisions, children’s welfare and society in general down the track.

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News from Open Doors Feb 2020

In November this year Open Doors will turn 36. What has changed over this time and what has stayed the same about what we do?

The biggest change we have seen has been the shrinking window of opportunity to reach out to a woman who is unexpectedly pregnant and thinking about abortion. No longer does she come to us for a free pregnancy test and counselling, as was the norm up until the early 2000s. Now she does her own test at home and then, with a couple of clicks on her phone, she is able to book in for an abortion, even obtain a same day appointment.

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News from Open Doors June 2020

None of us could have expected the way in which this year has unfolded! COVID 19 threw a massive curve ball into everyone’s plans, causing disruption to our day to day routines, sometimes fear and anxiety, and uncertainty about what the future might look like. We wonder, will life ever be quite the same?

In a way, this is how an unplanned pregnancy can seem to a woman or couple who are shaken by the news.  Plans are suddenly up in the air. The future seems uncertain. There may be fear and anxiety about how they will manage. Will life ever be the same?

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Wonder of Living, 2019 video series

New in 2019.  Supplied on USB - a 3 part video series plus comprehensive Teacher's Manual on pdf ready to print and go.  Focuses on the needs of children ... supports and empowers parents ... takes a family focus ... presents values for life!

Wonder of Living  is a sexuality education package for Levels 3-6 that delivers age appropriate information in an uncompromising context of 'best health values' for young children and teenagers.

Watch the promo -

Wonder Of Living 2019 order form

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Wonder of Living BOOK – Parent resource

THE WONDER OF LIVING BOOK, a guide to growing up.

For children aged around 8-12.

For parent and child to read together or separately.

Chapters cover the development & birth of a baby, the amazing human body, how a baby starts, puberty and handling teen issues such as body perfection, the selfie culture and cyber safety.

Cost: $20. (postage included)

Wonder Of Living BOOK order here

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Pre-marriage Education – ‘Prepare & Enrich’

Pre-marriage education is the most important part of your wedding preparations ...  It might just be the best wedding present you can give to each other!

Affordable Pre-marriage Education is available from Open Doors to help you  -

  • Identify your strengths as a couple
  • Explore areas for growth
  • Enhance your relationship skills

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When a pregnancy ends

When a pregnancy ends early, in whatever circumstances, it can be a devastating time for a woman.  Men can also be deeply affected.

Whether the pregnancy was planned or unplanned, you may experience a range of feelings which include disbelief, sadness, emptiness, anger, disappointment and a sense of isolation. These are normal feelings that we experience after a loss.

However for you they may have been unanticipated, especially if your pregnancy was unplanned. You may be overwhelmed and confused trying to make sense of the way you feel.

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Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat – a spiritual healing journey after abortion

2020 Retreats: March 27-29, July 3-5, Nov 27-29 Enquiries -
About Rachel's Vineyard Retreats

Rachel's Vineyard Retreat is a beautiful opportunity for healing for any woman or man who has struggled with the emotional or spiritual pain of an abortion. It's a chance to get away from the daily pressures of work and family, to focus on a painful time in life, and to begin healing through a supportive and non-judgmental process.

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Creating Memories – ways to remember your baby

It doesn't matter if you lost your baby due to miscarriage, termination, ectopic pregnancy, IVF or stillbirth - feelings of grief are natural.  When you lose your baby you may feel a pressure to get on with your life. However, your relationship with your baby doesn't end when your baby dies.

Your grief is visible evidence of that. Your attachment continues and you long for your child. A loss early in the pregnancy is difficult as you may not have seen your baby or may not have known whether it was  a boy or a girl. This may cause you confusion about the depth of the loss you feel. Making your child real is a way to help you grieve.

There are a number of ways you can do this. Be imaginative and do what seems most meaningful to you. Remember - it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. This is about you and the loss of your baby.

Here are some suggestions for acknowledging and remembering your baby:

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