Feel like everything is changing around you?

When relationships change, your whole life can change. You may feel hurt and let down, angry, lonely and confused.

Whether it's friendships, a partner or problems with your family, this can be a time of great stress and turmoil, when the mind races, trying to understand and bring back some harmony.

Relationships can be complicated but conflicts, when worked on, can lead to stronger bonds and greater satisfaction.

Pre-marriage education - Whether you're thinking about getting married, or you just want to 'check in' on the health of your relationship, couples education can really help you explore your strengths and challenges at this time.

There are several things you can do at this time:

Talk to someone you can trust – Look for someone who can listen, care and not automatically take sides. Our specially trained counsellors at Open Doors are here for you - on your own or with your partner.

Communicate – Initiate talking rather than brood. "I feel" messages – talk about how you feel and what you would like rather than blame the other person.

Be safe – Find a safe place and a safe way to express your frustration and anger. It may help to talk about it, go for a run or rip up some paper. If you are feeling under threat in this relationship, reach out for help now. Violence in a relationship is never ok.

Gather information – Click on the Resources Tab to read some personal stories and to download our help sheets - they may help you gain perspective on your situation. You can also find out about our Prepare & Enrich pre-marriage courses and Shark Cage training for women who are vulnerable to abuse and domestic violence.

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