Loss, Grief & Depression


When your world has changed...

Grief is a universal emotion yet, at the same time, very personal. You may cry or show little emotion. You may lash out in anger. Each person mourns in a different way. Your loss is important, no matter whether it is a close personal relationship, health or even possessions.

Some losses are less obvious than others, for example infertility, your last child 'leaving the nest' or an early pregnancy loss such as miscarriage, abortion, IVF and ectopic pregnancy. Other people may not recognise your loss as being 'real' and you may feel hesitant to talk about it in case they don't understand. Some losses may have happened long ago, such as a baby relinquished for adoption, and yet the pain is still fresh.

Post abortion grief - you may feel you can't tell anyone and don't deserve compassion because you 'chose' it. The strength of your feelings may have taken you by surprise. No matter how the pregnancy ended, your emotions are real and personal.

Depression can be linked to grief and loss, illness, stresses and changes in life, such as becoming a new parent. You may feel a sense of hopelessness, but help is available.

There are things you can do to help yourself heal and find the strength you need to get through one day at a time.

Seek Support – Reach out, even though it may feel hard at first. Help is available. Our counsellors are specially trained to support you as you move through this time of grief and loss or depression.

Accept your feelings – It's OK to cry or yell or just feel sad. At first, you may need to take time to grieve daily.

Be kind to yourself – Tell others what you need from them – maybe listening, sharing memories or just being there.

Take care of yourself – If you are experiencing physical problems such as a knot in your stomach, headaches or sleeplessness these could be part of your grief. Have a physical check-up and take care of yourself by establishing good nutrition, rest and relaxation.

When you are ready, think about creating some memories to help you acknowledge and honour your loss.

Gather information – Click on the Resources Tab to read some personal stories and to download our help sheets - they may help you gain perspective on your situation.

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