About Us

Our Vision

To help build a community which:

  • recognises that women and men often struggle with their circumstances when facing an unplanned pregnancy and responds with positive, empowering support
  • recognises the grief and distress that can accompany abortion and responds with compassion to those impacted by abortion and other forms of pregnancy loss
  • empowers children and teenagers to delay the onset of sexual activity during their developmental years by providing evidence based 'best health' messages and life skills.

Our Mission

To be an exemplary provider of non-directive counselling and support services for anyone affected by pregnancy or pregnancy loss, and to provide schools and parents with resources and support that empower young people to make healthy choices about sex and relationships.

We Value

  • the dignity and worth of all individuals;
  • professionalism in our service delivery;
  • compassion and respect in our dealings with clients;
  • integrity and accountability in our internal and external relationships;
  • independence from external interest groups

Our Objectives

  • to provide an independent, professional counselling and long-term support service for individuals and couples affected by unplanned pregnancy, and to work with them as they make their own well-informed decisions
  • to provide opportunities and support for the healing of emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds associated with pregnancy loss, including grief related to pregnancy termination
  • to work with people to help them develop their potential within their lives and relationships
  • to provide high quality, value-based educational resources about sexuality, sexual decision making, resilience and relationships that will improve health outcomes for children and adolescents and enhance the achievement of healthy adult relationships
  • to contribute to the community's more informed understanding of, and response to, unplanned pregnancy and grief related to pregnancy termination
  • to encourage within the organisation a sense of belonging, volunteering and a high standard of human services delivery.

Open Doors

  • is a fully independent, not-for-profit, registered charity with Tax Deductible Gift Recipient status
  • is fully incorporated and has a duly elected honorary Committee of Management
  • directs its own fundraising activities to the wider community and to individual donors and trust funds
  • applies a client centred, compassionate, non-judgemental counselling approach, enabling clients to make their own well-informed decisions
  • advocates in the community for an informed understanding of, and response to, the psychological experiences and effects of pregnancy loss, including abortion, on women, men and society
  • advocates in the community for an informed understanding of, and response to, the potentially harmful effects of early sexualisation and sexual activity on children and young teens
  • is ecumenical: staff members, volunteers and board members are drawn from different denominations. Open Doors does not evangelize through its activities and services.