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Since 1985 Open Doors has been at the forefront of producing value-based sex education resources for Australian schools and families.

Why value-based? Children and young people need and deserve to have 'best health' values taught alongside information about body changes, sex and growing up, plus the necessary life skills to make safe and healthy choices.

'Best health' values affirm that the safest, healthiest choice for children and teenagers is to delay the onset of sexual activity during their developmental years, thus paving the way for the achievement of healthy adult relationships.

In the absence of stated 'best health' values, the young person is left to the covert value messages transmitted by the wider media, values which promote and/or contribute to the early sexualisation of children as the norm.

Information plus guidance - Knowledge alone is not sufficient to equip and prepare young teenagers for future decision-making and relationship choices. Sexual behaviour may be unconsciously influenced by un-met psychological needs. Adolescent brain development and psychological maturity can lag well behind physical maturity, making safe decision making problematical.

Correct age-appropriate information must be matched with a deeper understanding of the significance of human sexuality, appropriate guidance and boundaries to assist safer decision making.

Open Doors programs are presented from a stated 'best health' value position which complements, but is not reliant upon, religious belief, making them unique educational resources

Wonder of Living DVD series for primary and junior secondary
DVD 1 – A New Baby – suitable for Yrs 3-6
DVD 2 – And Now There's Me – suitable for Yrs 4-6
DVD 3 – I'm Stepping Out – suitable for Yrs 5-8
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Wonder of Living Family Enrichment Program
Presentation program for your primary school
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Conversations with Your Child - about sex, puberty and growing up
Parent Education DVD
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Resilient Kids - CD-Rom based programs for primary and secondary
Resilient Kids (Primary)
Resilient Kids (Secondary)
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Resilient Kids Parent Pack - for use at home
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