Presentation Programs in Schools – value based sex education

Sessions available for Primary Schools in the Melb metro area.  Regional schools by arrangement.


“The family session was excellent! The way the content was presented was simple to understand yet very helpful & informative. Well done to the presenter, Sarah!  She was so relaxed, clear & made the evening light. Thank you for providing such respectful & appropriate content highlighting dignity of human person male & female & their complementarity to raise a family. Great job! Thank you!” (Parent, 2017)

“Our parents greatly benefited from your expertise and the engaging style of the session.  The evening was extremely worthwhile.” (Principal, 2016)

“Informative, challenging, supportive of role of parent, Highlighted the need for open dialogue and the influence that our general society wants to have over our children and the need for parents to be proactive.  Great presentation that challenged and affirmed parents.” (Principal, 2016)

“Thank you Alison for sharing your experience with us and delivering so smoothly and comfortably. It was apparent that this is the product of 1. many iterations and 2. love of our children.  The messages were clear, the tasks were spot-on and de-mystifying, the take away was practical. God bless your work.” (Parent, 2015)

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation. It was exactly what our school community needed and we have had some very positive feedback about the night.” (Teacher, 2013)

WONDER OF LIVING Family Enrichment Nights:

1. Parent Only Information Session

  • find out about the parent/child sessions
  • pre-view DVD content and ask questions
  • your child, sexuality and values – don’t leave it to the media!
  • tips and encouragement; helpful resources

2. Parent/Child Sessions for Years 3 – 6

  • topics can include babies and birth, how a baby begins, puberty, handling problems
  • sensitive, comfortable presentations which support you as your child’s first educator and are sensitive to your child’s age and stage
  • using stories, the WONDER OF LIVING DVDs, shared conversations and activities, take home materials
  • encouraging on-going communication

“Thank you for the presentations. I feel empowered. The presenter was approachable, friendly & put both parents and children at ease. The content was just right for the age level & made it fun & less awkward.  (Parent, 2016)

“I thought the material presented was just right for the age of kids, allowing parent to be able to discuss the subject openly without feeling awkward. Very well done.” (Parent, 2016)

“Content is delivered extremely professionally and sensitively.  Alison’s knowledge and expertise are greatly appreciated.” (Principal, 2016)

“Thank you for a well organised and sensitively delivered program. Parent feedback has been extremely positive and the nights have been greatly appreciated by the school community. Staff were all very keen for this to become part of our regular programming.” (Principal, 2016)

Puberty sessions for Grades 5 and 6

2 x 75 min class sessions during school time

  • physical changes for boys and girls and why they happen; emotional ups and downs and how to handle them, finding support when you need it, respect for self and others.

“The students enjoyed both sessions very much.  Having the opportunity to send questions anonymously to the presenter after session 1 was very useful in guiding content and discussion for session 2.” (Teacher)

Other Parent Education Seminars

1. Stay Connected – Talking to Your Child About Sex, Puberty and Growing Up

  • What our culture tells your child about sex, body image and relationships
  • What are the health implications of early sexual involvement for teens
  • Your role in helping your child make more positive choices as they mature – starting from the primary years
  • Strategies, resources and encouragement to actively parent your child about sex and not leave it to the media!

2. Raising Resilient Families

  • Find out how high self esteem is REALLY achieved
  • Re-think the meaning and purpose of ‘failure’
  • Learn strategies to help your child bounce back from disappointment and face life’s challenges with hope
  • Find out about helpful resources

“The feedback from teachers and parents was overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to working with you again next year.” (Principal, 2016)

“Thank-you for a very informative and thought provoking session last night. I am feeling much better prepared to face the teenage years ahead!” (Parent, 2012)

“Many thanks for a really productive evening.  I appreciate your support in sending through the additional resources and hope to work with you again in the not too distant future.” (Teacher, 2015)

PRESENTATION COSTSvarious presentation packages available. Reductions apply if more than one session booked. Please contact us for more details.

Preach or teach? What is value based sex education?