Parenting DVD: Conversations With Your Child

Conversations With Your Child about sex, puberty and growing up.

Now more than ever it’s vital to stay connected with your children and young teens as they grow up in a culture which tells all about sex and where parents can feel voiceless.

“Conversations With Your Child” is a warm, family friendly, practical resource for parents of children ranging from about 7 -14. Watch it by yourself for ideas and information and view relevant sections with your child or young teen and talk about it together.

Be encouraged and supported to share your values and be the first person they turn to when they have a question about sex. Parents are the most important voice for their children on the issues of sex, relationships and growing up. We can’t afford to be silent!

An Australian DVD for every parent about –

· babies and birth…
· how a baby begins…
· puberty and growing up…
· making healthy choices in teen relationships…

Please note: Conversations With Your Child is for private use in the home and may not be screened publicly under any circumstances by any institution.

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