Educational DVD series: Wonder of Living

Wonder of Living – Sexuality education at its best! All Australian.

Focuses on the needs of children … Supports and empowers parents … takes a family focus 2 - mum dad lisa… presents values for life!

Wonder of Living is a sexuality education package for primary-junior secondary school (VELS 3-5) that delivers age appropriate information in an uncompromising context of ‘best health values’ for young children and teenagers.

Comprises 3 fun and informative DVDs, student pamphlets to complement the DVD messages, and a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual on CD-ROM including fully prepared lessons ready to download.

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Family Role
It’s a fact that young people prefer parents to be the key source of information about sexuality. They also need to be presented with ‘best health values’ and messages, especially in our advertising driven culture that often ignores a child’s need for age appropriate images and information about sex.

Wonder of Living  is a value-based, family-orientated program. It has been carefully researched and produced by Open Doors, an acknowledged leader in the development of quality, realistic educational programs on child and adolescent relationships and health and sexuality.

Wonder of Living puts human sexuality into perspective for children and parents. The 3-part series brings the concepts to life, and provides accurate, sensitive explanations of the questions every child needs to ask.

It gives support to the rights and responsibilities of parents… respects the privacy of children and young adolescents… whilst carefully retaining the essence of ideal parental teaching that sexuality education is primarily about relationships and not body functioning.

The Wonder of Living is a multi-purpose program. It bridges the gap between home and classroom. It can be used as parent education… for children in the family home… parent/child presentations at school, church or community group gatherings… and in the classroom – to single sex, or mixed sex groups. Throughout the series, the focus is on family and home.

DVD 1 – A New Baby
Target audience – Yr 3 – 61- foetus sucking thumb

Erica and Jim, and their two children, Lisa aged 11 and Daniel aged 9, eagerly await the arrival of a new baby. In natural, sensitive scenes Daniel, in particular, asks how babies begin, grow and are born. And his parents share with Daniel and Lisa how life begins in the womb … through reliving the time when Daniel himself developed and was born.

DVD 2 – And Now There’s Me
Target audience – Yr 4 – 62 - body systems

Lisa, Daniel and their family and friends interact as we learn more about our amazing bodies and how they function… the importance of trusting relationships… bouncing back when things go wrong… the unique role of the family… sexual intercourse and reproduction… love and responsibility… our health… our safety… and our choices.

DVD 3 – I’m Stepping Out
PART ONE – the physical and emotional changes of puberty. Target audience – Yr 5 – 83 - dad and sophie

Explores the body’s functioning, growth and development as girls and boys enter puberty. It provides correct information and offers reassurance about the common anxieties many adolescents have about their changing bodies.

PART TWO  – getting support when you have a problem.
4 real life scenarios help young people considers the emotional aspects of growing up.  They deals with feelings of confusion and stress; developing a personal support network of trusted adults to help in any difficult situation; accepting ourselves and our growing responsibility towards our health, our choices and decisions.

  1. Handling peer pressure. Target audience Yr 5-8
  2. Handling study pressure. Target audience Yr 6-8
  3. Sexual decision making – getting correct information, choosing safely. Target audience Yr 7-8
  4. Sexual decision making – thinking things through, identifying pressures. Target audience Yr 7-8

Concepts across all 3 DVDs develop sequentially and are further explored in the follow up activities on the Teacher’s Manual.

On CD-ROM ready for you to print out are fully prepared lessons and classroom activities for all age levels. Includes masters for Student Pamphlets associated with DVD 3.

‘Stepping Out’ – information pamphlets for Girls and Boys to accompany DVD 3.
Designed separately for boys and girls, they provide personalised information about body changes and emotional changes at adolescence. Pamphlet masters are included on the CD-ROM.  Alternatively you can order full colour glossy pamphlets from Open Doors.

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