Parenting DVD: Conversations With Your Child

Now more than ever it's vital to stay connected with your children and young teens as they grow up in a culture which tells all about sex and where parents can feel voiceless.

"Conversations With Your Child" is a warm, family friendly, practical resource for parents of children ranging from about 7 -14. Watch it by yourself for ideas and information and view relevant sections with your child or young teen and talk about it together.  Be encouraged and supported to share your values and be the first person they turn to when they have a question about sex. Parents are the most important voice for their children on the issues of sex, relationships and growing up. We can't afford to be silent!

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Educational DVD series: Wonder of Living

Focuses on the needs of children ... Supports and empowers parents ... takes a family focus ... presents values for life!

Wonder of Living is a sexuality education package for primary-junior secondary school (VELS 3-5) that delivers age appropriate information in an uncompromising context of 'best health values' for young children and teenagers.

Comprises 3 fun and informative DVDs, student pamphlets to complement the DVD messages, and a comprehensive Teacher's Manual on CD-ROM including fully prepared lessons ready to download.

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Resilient Kids Parent Pack for home

An interactive CD-ROM program for primary and secondary ages.

Parents, give your children a shot of optimism!

Your children and teens can learn practical skills to bounce back from disappointment and respond with hope and activity to the challenges of life. Discover and reinforce these skills through fun interactivities on the computer. Work together with your kids and become great models of how to manage life's ups and downs effectively.

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Minister/Celebrant’s Kit for remembrance service

"Loving and Remembering" - a service for pregnancy loss

A resource for members of the clergy or a lay person wishing to arrange a private remembrance service for a child lost during pregnancy, due to miscarriage, termination, IVF losses, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth.  Based on the order of service created for the "Loving and Remembering" services arranged by Open Doors.

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Memory Boxes

In memory of your lost child...

For mums or couples grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage, termination, IVF losses, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth…or other loss. A small box containing a set of tiny knitted garments - jacket, bootees and hat. Comes with a little booklet for you to write down any thoughts about your baby.

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